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Our Goals for Pre-K &
Preschool Classes

Before finalizing your plan for your child's registration with Faith Nursery School, we ask that you review the developmental goals of our preschool and pre-k classes. This is to ensure what will best fit your child's needs and interests.

All of our programs follow the guiding philosophy of teaching the whole child. Our curriculum seeks to provide developmentally appropriate programs for three, four, and five-year-olds. Each program aligns with the Rhode Island Early Learning and Development Standards and NAEYC criteria to encourage development in areas of cognitive, physical, social-emotional, and spiritual growth.


Faith Nursery School strives to provide a productive environment that encourages exploration and challenges each wherever they fall on the continuum of development. Our entire team recognizes each child as a unique individual with different needs, interests, and learning styles. The staff incorporates different teaching strategies based on the information gained through focused observations and conversations with parents, as well as the children. Faith Nursery School recommends that any child entering kindergarten the following school year attend a program three, four, or five days a week.

3-Year-Old Program

The three-year-old program is designed for the child who is three years old, fully toilet trained, and ready for social growth outside the home. This child shows emotional readiness for separation from the parent. While the primary focus of this program is social growth, the introduction of the concepts of letters and numbers is done through play experiences during educational centers, stories, and songs.

Arts and Crafts

Pre-K 3 Program

The pre-k 3 program is designed for the child who is turning five or will be turning four by August 31, 2019. It is designed for children who demonstrate self-control with the ability to focus and listen in order to begin developing of the skills needed for kindergarten or the pre-k four program the following year. Both pre-k 4 and pre-k 3 follow a similar curriculum. Teachers of both of these classes plan together and focus on readiness in a developmentally appropriate manner teaching to the whole child.

Pre-K 4/5 Program

The pre-k 4/5 program is a three-hour class that meets four or five days a week and is designed for children who will enter kindergarten the following year. Children considered for this program will turn five by August 31, 2019, and are eligible for kindergarten the following school year. They should be emotionally mature and developmentally ready for added days of school before entering kindergarten.