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Our Philosophy

Faith Nursery School's preschool program is designed with the idea that each child is a totally unique creation of God with special abilities, characteristics, and needs. Young children not only require many opportunities to express themselves, but they must have the security of a safe environment so that they can reach their full potential. In order to feel free to learn, love, and accept others, a child must feel that they are loved and accepted by those around who really care.



Boy and Facilities

Program Involvement

Throughout the year, our program will include more explicit treatment of such practical principles as "sharing, accepting differences, and trust.'' The children will be helped to understand and appreciate more fully the themes of kindness, obedience, and God's love for us. We believe that by first developing a loving and kind relationship with a child, we may better bring him or her to an understanding that God created and cares for them.

We want to stress that while our entire school philosophy and curriculum is based on a commitment of love and respect for others, the atmosphere will be non-sectarian in nature and manner. Owing to the intensely personal aspects of this dimension of life, we do not seek to cause any confusion in the lives of the families we serve. We desire to help children form a basis where they can deal with moral issues, values, and beliefs in an environment of love and understanding. To learn more about our child education programs and philosophy, please feel free to reach out to us.

Spiritual Development

Faith Nursery School is committed to the education of the "whole child." To reflect this ideal, we cannot avoid involvement in a child's moral and spiritual development. Values and beliefs form a central aspect of the child's developing personality. Children's social behavior, their sense of identity, and their self-confidence are all outgrowths in part of their values and beliefs. Even these must be approached with high sensitivity. Their role in a child's life cannot be neglected.

We deeply respect the individual child and support the efforts of parents to guide them in the moral and spiritual development of their children. The primary responsibility for the nurturing of the young child, especially in this vital dimension of growth, lies with the parents. However, teachers who understand and respect children will know when and how it is appropriate to relate ideas of faith, hope, and love to children's experiences at school. This will adapt responses to their questions about these matters to each individual child.

Education Professionals